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Massachusetts Republican Assembly sponsors powerful “Unplanned” film to bring awareness about abortion and begin an era of healing.


“What She Saw Changed Everything.”


March 19, 2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland –


A new feature film is set to release in theaters in the closing week of March. “Unplanned” is the real story of Abby Johnson, a former clinic director for Planned Parenthood who became a pro-life advocate after witnessing a chemical abortion on ultrasound.

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly is sponsoring this film because a society that honors life is one of our foundational values. With radical abortion legislation sweeping across the country, including the ROE Act in out own legislature which allows late-term abortions and eliminates parental consent, now more than ever women and families that have experienced abortion need to be heard and supported.


The American Motion Picture Association has given the movie an R rating for accurately depicting the violence of an ultrasound chemical abortion (performed at 13 weeks).  There is no vulgarity, lewdness, or other objectionable material within the film, just the truth laid bare. We are urging families to watch this film together, especially relevant because of the ROE Act currently in the MA legislature which would eliminate parental consent.

The Assembly has sponsored a private screening on Wednesday, March 27th in Randolph. Full details can be found at Tickets are $20 per person.

Massachusetts Republican Assembly attacks Democrats on infanticide: “Democrat health care plans will treat all Americans the way they treat abortion survivors.”


If you like being disposable, you can keep being disposable.


March 05, 2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland –


Last week, all of the 2020 Senators running for president on the Democrat ticket, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, voted against cloture on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, effectively killing it in the US Senate. The bill would only have required infants that survive the procedure be given proper medical treatment outside the womb equal to babies of the same gestational age.


Brian Kennedy, National Director for the Assembly commented “Democrats are on the record voting that infants who are nearly killed in abortions are nothing but unwanted, disposable, and forgotten. What makes anyone think their big government health care schemes will treat Americans humanely?”


Stories abound from the British National Health Service (NHS) and similar systems that tens of thousands of patients are denied treatment or are left in squalid hospital conditions with no recourse. It is common for patients to die in line waiting for treatments because nearly all health care availability is rationed in those countries.


Mary Lou Daxland, president of The Assembly added “In these government run systems you are just a number, just a cost factor to be controlled. Some Democrat contenders have even said they want to outlaw private health insurance. If how Democrats treat infants who survive abortions is any indication, not having a choice whether to choose treatment and live or be denied treatment and die is the point of their system. Democrats will choose death for you and they’ll make it stick. Democrats want to paint this as a ‘women’s rights’ issue. Every single woman was once as small as one of these infants killed or neglected after a failed abortion. Half of these victims are little girls.”


The Assembly believes in the inalienable right to life and in free consumer choice, competition in free markets to lower costs, and patient choice in accessing treatment. It opposes the disgusting turn of the Democrats to openly support and endorse infanticide.

Massachusetts Republican Assembly calls on Elizabeth Warren to donate 99% of campaign contributions to reparations for Native Americans.


Warren and Democrats must repay a debt to the people most hurt by her history of fraud.

February 25, 2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland –

Late last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren declared public support for reparations in an attempt to boost her floundering early poll numbers. In addition to repaying black Americans, Warren also said Native Americans should be considered for reparations.

In the 2016 election cycle, Elizabeth Warren also said she provided the “intellectual foundation for Occupy Wall Street” and its class-based attacks on what it called “the 1%.”


Mary Lou Daxland, President of the Assembly, tied the two ideas together: “Elizabeth Warren has lived as ‘the 1%’ based purely off claiming Native American heritage. If she really believes in reparations, she can start by paying 99% of it back to the community she directly harmed. Democrats always demand other people’s money to fund their schemes. Justice starts at home, Senator Warren.”


Brian Kennedy, National Director for the assembly, expanded on the concept: “Democrats are big into group-based guilt, but the largest single group to harm black Americans or Native Americans in history has been the Democratic Party. They supported slavery, secession, and segregation. After the Civil War they created the Ku Klux Klan as a paramilitary lynch mob. It became so prominent that in 1915, Democrat president Woodrow Wilson screened the Klan film ‘The Birth of a Nation’ in the White House. Warren giving reparations to Native Americans would just be a good start. The Democratic National, Senatorial, and Congressional Committees need to pay up too if they’re running on reparations.”


People of good faith and every skin color were instrumental in ending the historical abuses against black and Native Americans. At every point in history the Democratic Party stood in their way as the primary, well-funded, and powerful antagonist. Democrats would dearly like every American to pay massively to address a debt Democrats chiefly own. As proud Republicans The Assembly believes in personal responsibility and opposes group-based guilt. If Democrats really support reparations, they are sitting on piles of money right now. They should put that money where their mouth is.

Massachusetts Republican Assembly calls on Legislature to oppose, Governor to veto anti-parent, pro-infanticide ROE bill.


Ripping apart children and their bonds with parents is gravely evil.

February 18, 2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland –


A new law being proposed in the Massachusetts legislature  (SD. 109) would have our state join New York and potentially other states in the most extreme pro-abortion stance possible.


The law would remove provisions of existing law which state it is illegal to obtain an abortion after 24 weeks. Current law also requires legal minors to get permission from their parents before obtaining an abortion.


Brian Kennedy, National Director for the Assembly responded: “NARAL Pro-Choice America believes the bill will break down barriers. They are wrong. It will break down family bonds and literally, physically and brutally break apart the tiny bodies of infants yet to be born.” He continued:

“I remember when a coworker of mine brought her newborn into work. She was so tiny she fit snugly into my arms, and I’m not a big guy. Bills like this would destroy an innocent, helpless child like that so brutally it would be an international offense to do it to a death row inmate. This bill is pure evil.”

Abortions obtained after 24 weeks are more brutal than most murders. D&E abortions require a child be ripped limb from limb with forceps. Induction abortions involve the injection of a toxin that causes cardiac arrest and then delivers the baby stillborn. This procedure is more dangerous and lengthy to a mother than an actual emergency delivery and cannot be medically justified over delivery.

Should this law pass, legal minors would be allowed to get these procedures without parental permission.


Mary Lou Daxland, President of the Assembly added “This is not a ‘reproductive health’ bill. It’s an extremist bill backed by a huge corporate industry built on the blood and organ sales of aborted children. If this law passes we will have top class medical facilities with 4D ultrasound where you can see your baby move in real time across the street from facilities where those babies are chopped into pieces. Is that what Massachusetts wants to be? A place where we know bouncing babies are in the womb but we savagely kill them anyway?”


This bill is immoral and unjustifiable. The legislature must oppose it. If it passes, the Governor must veto it. This isn’t an abortion bill. It’s a bill to split apart families and legalize infanticide.

Massachusetts Republican Assembly (The Assembly) Calls on Warren,  Mass Dems, and Harvard to address Lifetime of Fraud.


Elizabeth Warren’s tenure needs to go, as does her prominence in public life.

Feb. 08, 2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Mary Lou Daxland –

In 2007, University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill had his tenure revoked after years of controversy regarding his academic sloppiness, false claims of Native American ancestry, and other instances of fraudulent activity. The parallels to Senator Elizabeth Warren seem all too familiar. In the past few days it has been revealed that Senator Elizabeth Warren listed “American Indian” as her race on her Texas Bar registration card, confirming what all discerning people have known for some time: Elizabeth Warren appropriated an ethnic minority identity to advance her professional career.

“This is also the woman who published a recipe book of plagiarized French recipes titled ‘Pow Wow Chow,’ and late last year not only did she take an ancestry test to try and prove her ethnicity, she failed that test.” Brian Kennedy, National Director for the Assembly stated. “It is now obvious she is nothing but an embarrassment to our Commonwealth, and needs to resign from public life. Harvard needs to do its part too.”

“Elizabeth Warren is free to have her opinion, but she needs to become about 1/1024 as prominent as she currently is.” Mary Lou Daxland, President of the Assembly said. “Resign from the Senate, cease her presidential run, and she will still retire financially secure because of her deception. She has already received her reward.”

The Assembly calls on Harvard University to revoke Elizabeth Warren’s tenure as a direct response to her lifelong career of fraud and dishonesty. We believe it is totally disgusting that in an age where cultural appropriation is viewed by Elizabeth Warren’s party as an irredeemable offense that Warren insists on remaining a prominent public figure. Elizabeth Warren’s apologies for this disgusting, repeated fraud are now as routine as they are tedious and insincere. Only action can properly atone for this total disgrace.

The Assembly calls on the Massachusetts Democratic Party to likewise condemn Warren’s repeated dishonesty. If Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam must go for wearing blackface or a Klan costume in medical school, surely a career built on exploiting affirmative action by claiming Native American ancestry is far, far worse.

The Assembly calls on Elizabeth Warren to end her presidential run and resign her Senate seat. She has already admitted she is not part of any recognized Native American Tribe. We believe it is obvious she has no intention of serving her constituents and can no longer do so with any credibility. Like John Kerry who attacked the reputations of our soldiers and threw someone else’s medals over a fence, and like Ted Kennedy who left Mary Jo Kopechne to die at the bottom of Lake Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts does not need another US Senator with eyes on the White House embarrassing our Commonwealth on a national scale. You can break the trend, Senator Warren.


Resign. Retire.


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