FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Massachusetts Republican Assembly Condemns Planned Protests at Baker Home
The answer to bad policy is not targeted intimidation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Brian Kennedy – – 508-451-0574

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (The Assembly) has become aware that, in protest to Governor Charlie Baker’s COVID-19 edicts, multiple groups unaffiliated with the Assembly have in the past, and intend in the future, to hold demonstrations directly across from the governor’s private home.

The Republican Assembly does not condone the deliberate, implicit, or accidental intimidation of elected officials or their families at their place of residence.

Brian Kennedy, President of the Assembly stated: “You cross a line when you announce to the world that you intend to demonstrate outside an elected official’s private home. That is the sort of tactic Antifa utilizes to terrify the loved ones of elected officials, who ultimately are not responsible for whatever policies are being protested. Americans must persuade, rather than intimidate, politicians who make poor policy. Ineffective officials should be replaced via the ballot box at every opportunity.”

The Assembly does not support Governor Baker’s most recent lockdown initiative which requires cloth mask usage in all public locations. It is imposed for an indefinite period of time, under no specific authorizing legislation, and attached to financial penalty for noncompliance. These measures place citizens in the difficult position of arguing their condition exempts them from an indiscriminate blanket policy. This is a total inversion of the proper Constitutional order.


The Assembly does not support the haphazard patchwork of businesses arbitrarily designated essential. Case in point:  the governor favors questionable industries like abortion mills, while closing gun stores. Hence he jeopardizes a fundamental Natural Right guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The Assembly finds the Baker Administration’s push to punish businesses and individuals “violating” the lockdown orders to be a shortsighted waste of taxpayer resources.


The Assembly urges the Baker Administration to cease making new mandates on individuals and businesses and instead offer a comprehensive, phased plan for reopening, beginning at the most recently announced pushback date of May 18th. We urge all citizens to oppose these measures which are Unconstitutional, unlimited, unsupported by specific legislation, and of indeterminate duration. However, they should do so via all legal means of communication and in appropriate public locations for physical demonstrations. They should not demonstrate in front of the Governor’s house.


The Assembly also asks that citizens pray the Baker Administration finds the courage to trust the people of the Commonwealth with their own economic wellbeing and personal safety. The healthy people who are suffering most from this lockdown do not need vague assurances that new mandates and additional delays are in their best interest. They need to be able to work, live, and prosper. Those who are sick will need a firm foundation to return to, after they recover.


Unalienable Rights

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Judeo-Christian Foundation



Parental Rights, Choice and Competition

Limited Taxation

Eliminate Punitive Income & Other Taxes

Free Enterprise


The foundation of civil society, which should be enshrined & protected in law. 

Sanctity of Life

"With Liberty and Justice for All - Born and Unborn."

National Defense

Strong and consistent, with no accommodation for tyranny or terror.

Right to Keep & Bear Arms

Shall Not Be Infringed.

Victim's Rights

 We support restitution systems for victims to deter crime and recidivism.

National Sovereignty

We support fair trade and competition with other nations and we oppose 

deference to foreign governments & laws.

Decentralized Government

We affirm the principle of Federalism. Individuals are sovereign and the governments closest to the individual

are most responsive to their needs.

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White House Social Media Director, Dan Scavino recently
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The pro Trump grassroots effort has grown steadily since being started by Brewster resident Adam Lange in 2017, and now consistently draws large crowds of supporters to the Cape across New England.  "We had over 54,000 Trump votes in our district, the highest percent of any county in the sate. We needed infrastructure to give supporters a sense of belonging and grow this movement. If our GOP elected officials choose not to participate, so be it. We will lead it", Lange said. The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) both endorses and supports the effort.

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