Massachusetts Republican Assembly condemns retiring State Rep Randy Hunt for doxxing eldery constituent on official page.


Demands he leave Republican Party before he leaves office.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Brian Kennedy – – 508-451-0574

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly has learned that State Representative Randy Hunt (R-Sandwich) used his official Facebook Page to dox an elderly female constituent that criticized him in a private letter, including the release of her name, address, photograph, and identifying private associations.

His post on “Randy Hunt – MA State Rep” read:


 “Not the first time I’ve received a similar letter from [Removed], an ardent supporter of Tom Keyes, Jay McMahon, and Ron Beaty. She takes exception to my vote for equal access to public accommodations for transgendered people.”


She serves on the board of [removed]. a very noble effort indeed.

Her letter speaks for itself.

Contact info:

[Phone Number Removed]

[Address Removed]”


Attached to the post was a picture of the letter and a picture of the constituent.


Brian Kennedy, President of the Assembly, responded: “It is no surprise that a State Rep who voted to allow men unfettered access into female spaces like locker rooms now uses his official page to intimidate an elderly female constituent. He’s a coward on his way out of office looking toward his taxpayer funded pension, so he sought to settle old scores. What is surprising is that he calls himself a Republican. The Assembly condemns his actions totally, demands that he leaves the Republican Party, and are pursuing additional means to right this wrong.”


The Assembly urges all voters to respectfully contact Randy Hunt at his public office number, 617-722-2396 and email to voice their disgust. State Officials must not be allowed to abuse their constituents without criticism.


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