FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Massachusetts Republican Assembly Demands State Committee Candidate Shawn Dooley throw himself, “the trash,” out of the Republican Party.

Compared conservatives to antifa terrorists, said they only understand “being punched in the mouth.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Contact: Brian Kennedy –508-451-0574

It has come to the attention of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly that candidate for Republican State Committee Shawn Dooley, in defense of “Keep America Great HQ” mailers using President Trump’s campaign slogan without approval, has stated:

We should make it uglier. Let’s expose these pieces of trash for what they are and burn them to the ground. Turn over the rocks they have been hiding under and crush them. Let’s not stop till these trolls are known far and wide as hateful vile pieces of shit that only care about themselves and cause real conservatives to lose races. Fuck the big tent - throw the trash out. One thing Trump has taught us is the high road doesn’t work- stop rising above the fray. The only thing these people, antifa, and terrorists understand is being punched in the mouth. They started the fight. Let’s finish it!”


Brian Kennedy, President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, responded: “Shawn Dooley has just compared his opponent, a  male Vietnam Veteran seeking an unpaid, fully volunteer internal Republican Party position to violent terrorists and left-wing agitators.”

Shawn Dooley’s State Committee race is being backed by forces associated with Charlie Baker’s SuperPAC, operating a mailer and online operation out of a shell name “RMGA” with a return address of PO Box 8010 in Boston. The matchup of State Committee candidates these mailers support nearly perfectly matches the same “Charlie Baker’s Team” mailers from 2016.


“Nothing is more sad and vile than Charlie Baker’s hatchet men claiming they care that ‘real conservatives’ are losing races. Their entire operation intends to keep real conservatives from influencing the Republican Party. You just heard it from Shawn Dooley himself: Conservative Republicans are trash equivalent to physically violent movements like antifa and terrorists more broadly,” Kennedy continued.


The Massachusetts Republican Assembly demands Shawn Dooley take his own advice. He must de-register as a Republican, forfeit his State Committee Race, and resign from the Massachusetts House of Representatives. “The trash needs to be thrown out. Shawn Dooley must not and cannot be allowed to be a face for the Republican Party in any capacity,” Kennedy finished.


We call on EVERY State Committee Candidate to go on the record condemning the statements of Mr. Dooley.


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White House Social Media Director, Dan Scavino recently
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The pro Trump grassroots effort has grown steadily since being started by Brewster resident Adam Lange in 2017, and now consistently draws large crowds of supporters to the Cape across New England.  "We had over 54,000 Trump votes in our district, the highest percent of any county in the sate. We needed infrastructure to give supporters a sense of belonging and grow this movement. If our GOP elected officials choose not to participate, so be it. We will lead it", Lange said. The Massachusetts Republican Assembly (MARA) both endorses and supports the effort.

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